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Can't Let Go

Lyric Credits: Jack Sparks
Music Credits: Jack Sparks
Producer Credits: Arrow Studios
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Arrow Studios
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
It's the story of a guy in his cups missing the girl who got away.
Long Song Description:
It's the story of a Country singer missing his girlfriend who was with him when he was on the way up.
Story Behind the Song:
Mostly just about me not being able to get over another girlfriend.
Song Length: 3:54
Primary Genre: Country-Traditional
Secondary Genre: Country-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Sadness
Subject Matter 2: Making Up
Mood 1: Stressed
Similar Artist 1: George Strait
Language: English
Era: 1970 - 1979
I can do most anything,
play my guitar and sing
I can leave the past behind
when the past is only in my mind

But, Babe, what I had with you was so real
I learned to love
I learned to feel


And now I can't let go
No, I can't let go,
You know I can't let go
Of lovin' you

I can sell these records
Songs we used to sing together
I can leave this old house
They say a new start's prob'bly better

But I can't leave these memories
Of the things we used to do
I can't forget the way I felt
When I was loving' you



You're just a picture now
between plastic and a page
I'm just a fixture now
I really show my age

You're just a picture now
in a frame inside the drawer
I'm a fool who wondered how
I wound up face-down on the floor


Of lovin' you, of lovin' you,
of lovin' you.