Jack's Lyrics: the Music & Lyrics of Jack Sparks

It's a Good Thing Linda
Into the Stars There's a Wall
Take a Number Mountain Girl
My Child Two People
Oh My Lord Home
And the Moon Sleeps in Camelot Greeter (instr'l)
Time After Time Fairytale
Decided to Stay Just Another Day
Every Other It's Been Awhile
Better Way Wasn't Even Lookin'
You're Here Now Jump Down, Turn Around
Esoteric All the Rest of the Boys
Goodbye Once More She Could be the One
Restless Can't Let Go
Automatic Attraction Susie
The Stranger All the Rest of the Boys
Single Rose Fairytale (Randy's Song)
Mexican Rain Instr'l. Goodbye, One More Instrl.
It's Romance Conte de Fees
Merry Christmas to You Thanks to You
It's Been a While (instrl) You Don't See Me (instrl)
Automatic Attraction (instrl) All The Rest of the Boys
And I'll Listen Mountain Girl instrumental