Jack's Lyrics: the Music & Lyrics of Jack Sparks

The Chit Chat Cafe
This is where I've performed twice with my good friends, talented musicians all! Julie Jones, John Hall, Frank Reisinger, Stan Cossette, and Melinda Zarrett.

John Hall
My good friend, the talented John Hall, of local rock band Brother Buzz, Tonal Recall and Wall of Blues

Julie Whitman Jones
My good friend, Julie Whitman Jones, whose beautiful voice and many instruments you can hear on some of my more recent recordings.

Patti Cobb
The talented Patti Cobb who performs in many local bands and who also performs Scottish Dance music.

Slanted House
David Ruiz's band, features Dave's original tunes a well as some by the multi-talented, Patti Cobb, and lead guitar by my friend, Frank Reisinger.