Jack's Lyrics: the Music & Lyrics of Jack Sparks


Lyric Credits: Jack Sparks
Music Credits: Jack Sparks
Performance Credits: Pogo Flirt
Short Song Description:
This is a song in the vein of the later Eagles stuff (Victim of Love)about a woman running from man to man, bed to bed seeking to fill a hole in her soul
Story Behind the Song:
I was inspired to write this by a woman I knew and her story.
Song Length: 4:41
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: Blues-Rock
Tempo / Feel: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Dysfunctional Relations
Subject Matter 2: Searching for Love
Mood 1: Anxious
Mood 2: Restless
Similar Artist 1: Heart
Similar Artist 2: Pat Benatar
Language: English
Era: 1980 - 1989
Your head hits the pillow
but it bounces right off
You're dying for sleep
but you never get enough
Thoughts keep a-racin'
voices screamin' in your head
You find yourself thinkin'
you'd be better off dead

Cause you're restless, restless, restless
that's what you are

When you woke up he was gone,
didn't say goodbye
Didn't say where he was goin'
no, he didn't say why
Now you're left witha burnin'
that you can't seem to fill
So you take it to the streets
with looks that kill

Another pair of arms
another backseat of a car
another dirty, dark room
but you've gone too far
You're givin' 'way your body
but you're gettin' nothing back
You're tryin' to fill your soul
Bur you forgot to pack

And you're still restless (Girl,you are so)
restless (Girl,you are so)
restless- that's what you are (repeat)